Fortunella + Gratis cocktail special

€44,95 €32,21

Fortunella is a Kumquat based spirit of 40° ABV intended as a base spirit in cocktails or pure as a digestive. Kumquats originate in Asia and look like an orange, egg-shaped citrus fruit. Being the only citrus fruit with a consumable peel, they are a wonderful fruit for making a spirit. Their flavour profile is a combination of sweet, sour and floral notes. In the finished product this results into a very aromatic spirit: fruity character surrounded by the fragrance of the essential oils. On the first sip you capture the rich mouthfeel with a full-bodied kumquat flavour. The long maceration captures all the essential oils giving this soft touch to the tongue, pleasant perfume with a long finish of citrus and cardamom.

- Weekdagen: Besteld voor 16u, volgende dag geleverd
- Vrijdag voor 16u besteld: Levering op maandag, tenzij je voor zaterdaglevering koos.
- Vrijdag na 17u besteld of in het weekend: Levering op dinsdag.